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Introduction Of Composite Tubes
Nov 28, 2018

More than two electrode systems are installed in the shell of an electron tube, each of which is independent of the electron flow to achieve its own function, which is called a composite tube. Composite pipe refers to the use of two or more transistor according to a certain law of the combination, equivalent to a transistor, composite pipe also known as Darlington Tube. The specific connection method is as follows, with two transistor of the same polarity as an example, the front is the transistor collector and the back transistor collector, the front is the transistor ejection pole with the back transistor base pole connection, the front transistor power is generally smaller than the back transistor, the front transistor base is extremely Darlington nanotubes pole, the back transistor shot extremely Darlington tube ejection pole, Usage, like transistor, magnification is the product of two transistor magnification multiples.