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Characteristics Of Aluminum And Plastic Composite Tubes
Nov 28, 2018

Aluminum-plastic composite pipe has a good insulation performance, internal and external wall is not easy to corrode, because the inner wall is smooth, the fluid resistance is very small, and because it can be bent at will, so installation and construction is convenient.


As a water supply pipe, the aluminum-plastic composite pipe has sufficient strength. If the lateral force is too large, it will affect the strength, so it is advisable to do the Ming tube construction or buried in the wall, or even buried in the ground. (Aluminum-plastic composite pipe can also be buried in the ground, such as the use of the pipe is aluminum plastic composite pipe) aluminum plastic composite pipe connection is the card sleeve type (can also be card pressure type), so the construction is to pass the strict test pressure, check whether the connection is firm. The second is to prevent frequent vibration, so that the card sleeve loose.

Third, the length direction should be leave enough the installation amount, so as not to pull off.

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