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Application Of Composite Pipe
Nov 28, 2018

1, used for high-power switching circuit, motor speed regulation, inverter circuit.

2, drive small relays The circuit of the high sensitivity relay is driven by the CMOS circuit through the Darlington Tube, as shown in the figure.

Inside the dotted box is a small power NPN Darlington tube FN020.

3, Drive led intelligent display Led intelligent display is controlled by a microcomputer, led matrix Board for the display of the system, can be used to display a variety of text and patterns. Both the row drive and the column drive in the system can adopt a composite tube with high beta and high speed and low pressure drop. It should be noted that the composite tube is composed of multiple just children and resistors, and when tested with a multimeter, the positive and negative resistance value of the be knot is different from that of the ordinary transistor. For high-speed composite tubes, some of the pipe's front-stage be knot is also anti-parallel an input diode, at this time to measure the positive and negative resistance value is very close, easy to mistakenly judge the bad tube, this please note.

Composite Pipe profile DiagramFour combinations of composite tubes