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Stainless steel Composite Pipe
Nov 28, 2018

Stainless steel composite pipe from stainless steel and carbon structural steel two kinds of metal materials using non-destructive pressure synchronous composite new materials, both stainless steel corrosion resistance and excellent beautiful appearance, as well as carbon steel good flexural strength and impact resistance. In line with the national principle of energy conservation and popularization. Stainless steel composite Pipe in 2002 national standard gb/t18704-2002 officially promulgated, stainless steel composite pipe by high technical content, precision equipment, advanced technology product quality and stability, the use of computer automatic control. Products with pure stainless steel appearance luxury, beautiful and the strength of ordinary carbon steel pipe high, its price is lower than pure stainless steel pipe, is the price of stainless steel structure decorative pipe alternative products. Products are widely used in municipal public works construction, steel structure, grid construction, petroleum and petrochemical, municipal facilities, road and bridge guardrail, road traffic engineering construction, building decoration engineering construction, sports site facilities Engineering construction traffic grille, railway isolation network, building decoration, street lights, stop signs, steel structure mesh, furniture, ship and ship manufacturing, Urban pipe network,

Oil and gas transmission, motorcycle bumper, drying rack, bicycle handlebars and so on.