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Installation method of copper valve
Nov 23, 2018

1.The valve connected to the pipe thread is connected with the pipe thread at the end of the pipe, wherein the inner thread can be a cylindrical pipe thread or a tapered pipe thread, and the outer thread must be a tapered pipe thread.

2. The internal threaded connecting gate valve is connected with the Tube stimulators are, which needs to control the length of the outer thread at the end of the pipe.

So as to avoid excessive spin into the pipe end so that the top pressure gate valve tube thread inside the end, resulting in seat deformation and affect the sealing.

3. Pipe threaded connection of the valve, installation of the tightening should be clamped to the same end of the hexagonal or octagonal part of the thread, should not clamp the other end of the valve hexagonal or octagonal parts, so as not to cause valve deformation.

4. Flange connection valve Flanges and pipe end flanges are not only consistent with the size of the specifications, but also the need for nominal pressure consistent. 

5. Cut-off valve, gate valve in the installation and commissioning process to find the stem leakage, tighten the filler at the clamping nut can be, and pay attention to the force can not be too large, to no leakage limit.